Professor Who Predicted Trump Win Now Says He’ll Be Impeached

Allan Lichtman was virtually alone among political pundits in foretelling President Trump’s upset win in the 2016 elections.

Now the American University professor is making an even more daring prediction: He says Trump will be impeached.

“My ‘next big prediction’: after winning the presidency, he (will) be impeached,” Lichtman writes in the foreword of his forthcoming book, The Case For Impeachment, Politico reported.

Lichtman was mocked in the run-up to the November 8 vote for using an algorithm based on economic and other factors to predict Trump would beat Democrat Hillary Clinton in the race for the White House.

He became an instant political guru when Trump swept to an electoral college win.

The Donald even penned a personal not to the prof: “Congrats — good call,” the president-elect wrote, Lichtman said.

But Lichtman is no fan of Trump and he predicts his headstrong nature will lead to his downfall.

Lichtman points out that three presidents have faced impeachment dramas — Andrew Johnson, Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton. That puts the odds of facing being toppled from power at a surprisingly decent 14 to 1.

“Gamblers have become rich betting on longer odds than that,” Lichtman writes.

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Professor Who Predicted Trump Win Now Says He’ll Be Impeached

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