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Activists Use Passover To Criticize Israel At Canadian University

Palestinian activists at Canada’s Concordia University are facing charges of cultural appropriation after organizing a “Passover Against Apartheid” event that included a discussion about an anti-Zionist revision to the holiday’s traditional “next year in Jerusalem” blessing.

“This is more than Israel bashing. It’s an antisemitic slap in the face to every Jew and I think they crossed the line,” said Harvey Levine, regional director of B’nai Brith’s chapter in Quebec province.

“Come and learn about how Passover can be a time to analyze the oppression in our communities, and practice solidarity with Palestinians in the face of Israel’s apartheid state,” a flier circulated for the event read. It also included discussion questions, including “What blessings can we use to replace ‘Next year in Jerusalem?’”

“Passover Against Apartheid” - put together by the Concordia Student Union, the Fine Arts Student Alliance and Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights groups - included sponsorship from no Jewish organizations.

The event came to light after Eden Moalem, a pro-Israel advocate and Concordia student, notified the Friends of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, which circulated the story on the Web.

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Activists Use Passover To Criticize Israel

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Activists Use Passover To Criticize Israel At Canadian University

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