Is Dating Service Wrong To Set Him Up With Non-Jewish (Gasp!) Republicans?

A Jewish man is threatening to sue a matchmaking service after being given politically conservative and non-Jewish dates, the Los Angeles Times reported Friday.

Daniel Levine, 37, paid $5,000 to a company called Master Matchmakers, specifying that he wanted a Jewish, liberal, college-educated, attractive woman who lives near Boston and is shorter than his 5’8”. But matchmaker Steven Ward kept arranging dates that didn’t fit the bill: One lived in New York, two were conservative and one was not Jewish. Ward tried to explain that Levine needed to be more flexible, particularly when it came to height, as his female clients usually preferred someone taller.

Levine responded by hiring a lawyer and demanding a refund.

Things only escalated further: Levine wrote on Yelp that Master Matchmakers “takes advantage of people, offering a service they do not perform.” Ward responded by posting on the Yelp page of Levine’s employer that his former client was “an unscrupulous businessperson” who has “maligned my business for personal gain just to extort money from me.”

Levine is concerned that he could be countersued for violating a non-disparagement clause in the Master Matchmakers contract. “It’s been very stressful,” he told the Times.

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Is Dating Service Wrong To Set Him Up With Non-Jewish (Gasp!) Republicans?

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