Under 50’s Think West Bank Is Part Of Israel by the Forward

Under 50’s Think West Bank Is Part Of Israel

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A growing number of Israelis believe that the settlements are part of sovereign Israel, according to a new poll published in Fathom, a UK journal on Israel.

A public opinion poll conducted between October and November 2016 asked 1,027 Israeli Jews whether Israel had declared sovereignty over the West Bank (it hasn’t). The survey is distinct from past research focused on what Israelis believe should happen in the region, and instead asks them to describe what already exists.

Oded Haklai, a political scientists at Queen’s University, asked the respondents about eight different settlements and found that there “was not a single settlement which a majority of respondents thought was outside the territory of the State of Israel.”

The article found that the older the respondent, the more likely they were to understand that Israel had not declared sovereignty in the West Bank. Younger respondents seemed less sure that this was the case.

“In other words, the age of 50 is a breaking point of sorts,” he wrote.

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Naomi Zeveloff

Naomi Zeveloff

Naomi Zeveloff is the former Middle East correspondent of the Forward, primarily covering Israel and the Palestinian Territories.

West Bank And Israel No Different To Israelis Under 50

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Under 50’s Think West Bank Is Part Of Israel

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