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Is Jared Kushner Imitating (Gulp!) Trump’s Hairstyle?

It pretty much goes without saying that Jared Kushner has drunk the Donald Trump Kool-Aid bigtime.

He dumped his real estate empire for a front row seat at the White House, where he’s taken on a million undoable jobs and has relished power feuds with uber right winger Steve Bannon.

But has the First Son-In-Law taken his adulation of the president so far as to mimic Trump’s very un-admirable hairstyle?

So reports the style mavens at GQ.

The magazine says some folks in the Twittersphere have documented that Jared is now combing his hair forward before sweeping it back a la the Donald.

It’s bad enough that Kushner is basically riding shotgun on Trump’s disastrous presidency, barely raising a peep as his wife’s famous dad blunders towards possible Armageddon.

Now he wants to look like the Orange Menace?

Is Jared Kushner Imitating (Gulp!) Trump’s Hairstyle?

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Is Jared Kushner Imitating (Gulp!) Trump’s Hairstyle?

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