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White Nationalist Richard Spencer Makes ‘Alt-Right’ Expansion In Sweden

The “alt-right” is expanding to Sweden.

The white nationalist Richard Spencer is partnering with two Swedish groups to makes a new media company, BuzzFeed News reported. It will be like Breitbart — but further to the right, one organizer said.

The new company has been dubbed the AltRight Corporation. Spencer will partner with Arktos Media, a Swedish publishing house that prints English-language editions of nationalist titles from a range of countries. The other Swedish partner is Red Ice, popular white nationalist outlet that produces videos and podcasts.

Spencer said he was devoting all of the resources that once went towards his nonprofit National Policy Institute to the project. NPI lost its tax exempt status for failing to file tax returns in March. Spencer told BuzzFeed that Sweden was the perfect fit for an “alt-right” project like this. In all of Europe, Spencer said, “it’s almost like Sweden is the most alt-right.”

Red Ice creator Henrik Palmgren, who serves as the AltRight Corporation’s media director, said media companies like his own are in an “information war” against the government in the international press. “It’s part of the strategic battle, if you will — the war of ideas,” Palmgren said.

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Richard Spencer Makes ‘Alt-Right’ Foray Into Sweden

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White Nationalist Richard Spencer Makes ‘Alt-Right’ Expansion In Sweden

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