With El Daily Stormer, Neo-Nazis Make Unlikely Pitch To Spanish-Speakers

The neo-Nazi Daily Stormer, the country’s “top hate site,” is looking to go international. Earlier this month, the site announced the launch of a new Spanish language page.

“If our goal is to spread National Socialism and Hitlerism across the world, we must have sites publishing in all the world’s most spoken languages,” wrote Andrew Auernheimer, better known by his hacker name “Weev,” in a post announcing the launch of “El Daily Stormer.”

“Speakers of Spanish have historically provided a fertile ground for National Socialist ideology and the reverence of Adolf Hitler,” he wrote. “Of all the world’s languages, it was the easiest to build a new site on and provided the most value add.”

A small Spanish flag is now on the homepage of the neo-Nazi site and leads to the Spanish language page where one article was titled, “Holocausto, Orígenes y Evolución del Mito,” or “Holocaust, Origins and Evolution of the Myth.”

Aurenheimer said that the Daily Stormer is hoping to launch in other languages, too.

“We’re highly interested in doing other alternative language publications to spread the glory and truth of Adolf Hitler across the globe. Mandarin, Hindi, and French are at the top of the list,” he wrote. “First El Daily Stormer, tomorrow the world. Let a thousand pogroms bloom.”

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This story "Neo-Nazi Daily Stormer Launches Spanish-Language Site" was written by Sam Kestenbaum.

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With El Daily Stormer, Neo-Nazis Make Unlikely Pitch To Spanish-Speakers

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