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Is Trump’s Real Sweet Goal ‘Lasting Peach’ In Middle East?

A White House press release meant to accompany President Trump’s visit to Israel and the Palestinian Authority claimed that the foreign tour will help “promote the possibility of lasting peach.”

Of course, Twitter had fun with the White House’s typo:

The press release is only the latest White House document to contain elementary errors — a document containing a list of terror attacks included the misspellings “Attaker,” “San Bernadino” and “Denmakr”; a press briefing transcript referred to Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin as the Commerce Secretary; and the White House’s Snapchat account called Betsy DeVos the “Secretary of Educatuon.”

While these mistakes may seem silly, some observers see them as more ominous. After documents called British Prime Minister Theresa May “Teresa May,” which is the name of a porn star, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes said that “little errors mean there are big ones lurking.”

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Does Trump Want ‘Lasting Peach’ For Israel?

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Is Trump’s Real Sweet Goal ‘Lasting Peach’ In Middle East?

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