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Is ‘Call Of Duty’ Recreating World War II Without Swastikas?

Promotions for the video game “Call of Duty: World War II,” scheduled for release in November, have stressed the game’s historical accuracy. But something is missing from the trailer -– swastikas.

A new trailer for the game, unveiled at the the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, showed Nazi paraphernalia replaced with the Schwarzes Kreuz, a black cross, according to Heat Street.

The replacement of the swastika with the black cross left some wondering if history was being rewritten.

“For all of Activision’s sound and fury about accurately depicting World War II, they’ve missed the point,” Heat Street writer Ian Miles Cheong wrote.

German law prohibited Nazi symbols and slogans after the end of World War II as part of denazification efforts. German posters for the 2009 World War II movie “Inglourious Basterds” also omitted swastikas.

However, a trailer for the video game “Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus,” scheduled for release in October, does display swastikas in the game, with Nazis and Ku Klux Klan members as the antagonists, according to Heat Street.

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Is Call Of Duty Making World War II Without Swastikas?

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Is ‘Call Of Duty’ Recreating World War II Without Swastikas?

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