Mexican Beer Logo Shows Trump In Sombrero, Swastika

Mexican and American brewers came together this past month to bottle a New England IPA that also pokes fun at President Trump using Nazi imagery.

The bottle’s label shows Trump dressed in traditional mariachi band attire, wearing a sombrero and a swastika belt buckle.

The beer, called “Amigous Cerveza” (a deliberate misspelling of “amigos”), sold out its original batch of 1,200 bottles and 400 liters on tap in the first week it was available.

According to Newsweek, the beer makers, Mexico-based Error de Diciembre and Cru Cru and U.S. brewery Epic Brewing, “say the cross-border beer demonstrates a spirit of collaboration between Mexico and the United States [after] Trump’s rhetoric on the campaign trail comparing Mexican migrants to ‘rapists’ and ‘criminals.’”

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Mexican Beer Logo Shows Trump In Sombrero, Swastika

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