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Charlie Sheen Sells Over $4 Million In Babe Ruth Memorabilia

In case you were worried about Charlie Sheen’s financial future, fret no longer. The actor sold $4 million worth of Babe Ruth memorabilia this past weekend in what he called a “historical and unprecedented auction.”.

Sheen (who, yes, is Jewish!) sold Ruth’s 1927 New York Yankees World Series ring for roughly $2 million and brought in $2.3 million for the original copy of Ruth’s Red Sox to Yankees sale document. The sale of the ring broke the record for highest-priced sports championship ring ever.

Sheen bought the items in the early 90s and enjoyed them for 21 lovely years before making what seems like an extremely obvious and wise decision to give them up in exchange for over $4 million.

To exhibit his “tremendous gratitude” for the record-breaking sales, Sheen shared a short poem with the world on Twitter.

The poem starts:

it’s with tremendous gratitude, honor, and poleaxed mysticism, that I tip my hat to last nights historical & unprecedented auction.

You can read the full masterpiece here (and I highly recommend you do).

Congratulations, Charlie. May your newfound millions keep you warm at night in the absence of the late Ruth’s championship ring.

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Charlie Sheen Sells Over $4 Million In Babe Ruth Memorabilia

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