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‘Hindu-Zionist Conspiracy’? Some In Pakistan Think So

Indian Premier Narendra Modi’s visit to Israel has kicked off speculation of a “Hindu-Zionist conspiracy” in Pakistan, where hatred of both India and the Jewish state runs high.

According to a report in Haaretz, Pakistani pundits have falsely insinuated that Israel and India have infiltrated their country with agents perpetrating acts of radical Islamic terror. The visit meanwhile has been described as a “declaration of war against Israel” and a “joint Indian-Israeli plot to destroy Pakistani nuclear weapons.”

Pakistan and Israel do not have diplomatic relations, and one meeting more than a decade ago between the country’s two foreign ministers has been the extent of the country’s public contacts. India and Israel have cultivated ties in recent decades, seeking cooperation on economic and security matters.

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Modi Sparks Pakistan ‘Hindu-Zionist’ Conspiracy Theory

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‘Hindu-Zionist Conspiracy’? Some In Pakistan Think So

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