Key West Rabbi Offers Chabad As Hurricane Irma Storm Shelter

    Rabbi Yaakov Zucker, the Chabad rabbi in the Florida resort of Key West, is offering his building as a potential shelter for local residents who might face a direct hit from the ferocious Hurricane Irma.

    Zucker, who has been working to prepare the building, told the Algemeiner that the Chabad house was a “hurricane 5 stage shelter, if you will.” He added that it was constructed to be flood-proof and was “one of the strongest buildings in town.”

    Still, he urged residents to leave town to more secure areas inland in Florida, and said that his local chapter of Chabad was trying to coordinate exit strategies for Key West locals.

    “I told all my people, please, if you can get out of the town please do, and if not we’re all gonna help each other get out of town,” he said.

    He told the Algemeiner that the atmosphere in Key West is tense, as Hurricane Irma’s path through the region remains unclear.

    “The town is panicking,” he said. “There are long lines for gas, which keeps on running out. This morning there’s already no water or cans.”

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    Key West Rabbi Offers Chabad As Hurricane Irma Storm Shelter

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