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Weiner’s Attorneys Say Sexting Accuser Wanted To Hurt Hillary’s Chances

Anthony Weiner’s attorneys are claiming that the teenager who busted him for sexting with her might have done so to sink Hillary Clinton’ presidential campaign, according to new court filings.

In the documents, submitted ahead of Weiner’s sentencing for transferring obscene material to a minor, the ex-congressman’s lawyers allege that his accuser - a 15-year-old from North Carolina - might have ratted him out to get cash and to hurt Democratic nominee Clinton’s chance at the White House.

Arlo Devlin-Brown and Erin Monju claimed in their filing that the teen told federal investigators she “hoped somehow to influence the U.S. presidential election, in addition to securing personal profit.” They added that she was “looking for material for a book — one she has now written and is shopping to publishers.”

The court documents seem aimed at convincing the federal judge sentencing Weiner, Denise Cote, to grant him relative clemency for a crime that can result in imprisonment of up to 10 years.

The latest Weiner sexting scandal erupted after a Daily Mail article in September 2016, and led to the inopportune reopening of the Clinton e-mail investigation - which many, including the candidate herself, believe handed the election to President Trump.

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Weiner Attorneys: Sext Accuser Wanted To Hurt Hillary

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Weiner’s Attorneys Say Sexting Accuser Wanted To Hurt Hillary’s Chances

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