Why Did Jared Kushner Register To Vote As A Woman?

Jared Kushner reportedly registered to vote as a woman — and has been voting that way for the past 8 years.

The presidential son-in-law’s New York state registration claims Kushner is “female” and says that he is not affiliated with any party, Wired reported.

Kushner registered in 2009 and last voted in the presidential election last November, according to the document.

The apparent clerical mistake is ironic in that Republicans have pointed to similar discrepancies as being signs of a nefarious and widespread voter fraud effort.

It also points to Kushner’s apparent difficulty in getting paperwork issues straight.

He famously left off mention scores of contacts with Russian and other foreign officials in an official White House ethics disclosure form. His lawyers later corrected what they claimed was an oversight.

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Why Did Jared Kushner Register To Vote As A Woman?

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