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Muslim Man Sponsors Synagogue Kiddush To Honor His Late Doctor

A British Muslim man sponsored a synagogue Kiddush luncheon to honor the late Jewish doctor who treated him, The Jewish Chronicle reported.

The Muslim man, who asked to remain anonymous, paid for the post-prayer spread at the Kingston, Surbiton & District Synagogue in south London to honor Dr. Tim Heymann, his gastroenterologist.

The Muslim man first contacted the synagogue earlier this year in order to reconnect with Heymann, only to discover that the doctor had died of a brain tumor a few months prior.

Since then, The Jewish Chronicle reported, the Muslim man “has become a regular at Shabbat and festival services and is studying Hebrew so he can better understand them.”

“My father taught me to respect anyone who did good things for me,” he explained. “And I believe in toleration and coexistence among all peoples and religions.”

He said that he found the community “warm and friendly” and enjoyed the sound of the Hebrew prayers.

This is the first time a non-Jew has sponsored a Kiddush, synagogue chair Sheila Mann said.

“He comes to shul every Shabbat and often says how much he loves attending our services,” she said. “He joined us for the whole of the Yom Kippur service and fasted all day. We are delighted to treat him as part of the communal family.”

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Muslim Man Sponsors Synagogue Kiddush To Honor His Late Doctor

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