Conservative Websites Are Losing Readers In Age Of Trump

    It may be a sign that the election cycle is finally over and people no longer wish to follow that closely the ins and outs of politics, or perhaps an indication that President Trump’s victory in the 2016 race has made right-wing insurgency less attractive.

    Either way, a new Axios analysis indicates that many of these sites are experiencing a decline in readership. Breitbart News lost 20% of its traffic compared to last August, the Druge Report is down by 22% and the Daily Caller marked a 48% drop.

    The analysis did not provide any explanation for the decline in web traffic to these websites.

    There is some good news, however, for conservative media outlets: Fox News registered a 29% increase in web traffic this past year. Leading the list of growing news outlets are CNBC which gained 81% more traffic, and Vox and Reuters, growing by 58% each.

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    Conservative Websites Are Losing Readers

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    Conservative Websites Are Losing Readers In Age Of Trump

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