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Gigi Hadid Thinks Laura Loomer Is A Moron

It’s hard enough to be a far right activist in Trump’s America without fashion models smearing your name all over the Internet. Models are scary as it is — their cold, dead eyes stare out at you from massive billboards, they can go for days without food, and their influence over whether or not capris are in is far-reaching.

To be caught in the web of a fashion model’s hate is nothing short of a waking nightmare.

Unfortunately for far right activist and devout hater of Muslims, Laura Loomer, one of the most famous models in the world has decided that Loomer is a “f**king moron.”

Palestinian fashion model (and daughter of scariest Real Housewife of all time, Yolanda Hadid), Gigi Hadid, issued this hot take Wednesday on Twitter after Loomer posted a hateful tweet about women wearing hijabs at the corner of Monday’s terror attack in New York City.

Loomer, who identifies as a “proud American Jew” in her Twitter bio, has been subject to a litany of consequences recently, including a lifetime ban from both Uber and Lyft for anti-Muslim tweets. Can’t catch a break, can’t catch a ride!

Still, no matter how much Hadid may hate Loomer, it seems unlikely that she will ever hate her as much as Loomer hates Muslims.

Becky Scott is the editor of The Schmooze. Follow her on Twitter, @arr_scott

Bad News Laura Loomer, Gigi Hadid Thinks You’re A Moron

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Gigi Hadid Thinks Laura Loomer Is A Moron

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