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Rabbi At Roy Moore Rally Says He’ll Stand Up To ‘Gay Terrorists’

Embattled Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore held a rally on Thursday to demonstrate that members of the religious community continue to support him amid multiple allegations of sexual assault. During the parade of faith leaders who stood at a podium to proclaim their support for Moore, one man stood out: Rabbi Noson Leiter, who claimed that Moore will stand up to “gay terrorists.”

Leiter said he was the head of two organizations: Torah Jews for Decency and Help Rescue Our Children. (Both organizations’ websites were last updated in 2013.)

Reading from his smartphone, Leiter proclaimed that Moore “has a proven track record for fighting for public policy based on biblical values and not perversion, and that’s why he’s a target.”

“We all, especially those of us in Orthodox Jewish communities nationwide, need Judge Moore in the Senate now more than ever,” he went on to say. “We need someone with a proven record of facing off against the gay terrorists who never, ever let an opportunity to lie to go to waste.”

Leiter also cited a midrash, an interpretation of scripture, that claimed the biblical Noah’s flood was triggered by “societal recognition of same-gender marriage.”

He also criticized “anti-God Republicans” like Sen. John McCain for “fail[ing] to combat the agendas of sodomy and transgender insanity….. They have failed to push even one simple bill to protect bakers, photographers, etc. from homosexualist gay terrorist blackmail.”

“May the Ultimate Judge speedily pour out his heavenly wrath against our enemies and mercifully save us all,” Leiter concluded.

Leiter was previously in the news in 2012 for claiming that Superstorm Sandy was “divine justice” because New York was “one of the national centers for homosexuality.”

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Rabbi: Roy Moore Will ‘Stand Up To Gay Terrorists’

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Rabbi At Roy Moore Rally Says He’ll Stand Up To ‘Gay Terrorists’

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