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Children’s Alphabet Book ‘P Is For Palestine’ Includes ‘I Is For Intifada’

A is for argument, which has been started

About a new kids’ book that only just charted.

It’s called “P is For Palestine,” and it’s been bought coast-to-coast

To the anger of Jewish moms found by the Post.

B is for book talk on the Upper West Side,

Which scribe Golbarg Bashi attempted with pride.

She posted on Facebook where she’d be appearing

But the book’s inside contents left many moms sneering.

“Omg. Crazy,” wrote someone who was mad.

Wrote another: “A children’s book on Palestine that doesn’t recognized the state of Israel…is very sad.”

Bashi wrote it for Palestinians who don’t have kids’ books of their own,

To help them take pride in their culture and feel less alone.

C is for crowdfunding, which got Bashi $15k

To publish her book in her own unique way.

“P is For Palestine” has endorsements, to be sure

From Rashid Khalidi and Linda Sarsour.

D is for drama, which we were bound to enter

Considering this entry in the book’s center:

“I is for Intifada, Intifada is Arabic for rising up

For what is right, if you are a kid or grownup!”

E is for error, which might here be a thing

Considering how many died in those two uprisings.

Though antipathy toward Israel might for Bashi be a trait

Since she once wrote that Israel “is a racial and religious apartheid state.”

F is for finish, which this poem will soon do.

I hope the dumb rhymes won’t stop you from reading the Forward, the best news source for the American Jew.

So here is a question so we can end pleasant:

Would you buy your kid this book for a Hanukkah present?

Contact Aiden Pink at pink@forward.com or on Twitter, @aidenpink

Children’s Book ‘P Is For Palestine’ Draws Controversy

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Children’s Alphabet Book ‘P Is For Palestine’ Includes ‘I Is For Intifada’

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