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Jared And Ivanka Sued Over Faulty Financial Disclosure

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump had a hard time filling their disclosure forms before joining the Trump administration. Coming from the business world, with multiple financial interests, the couple had to go back and update their reports, required by government ethic laws, and in some cases, are still refusing to provide information, claiming prior non-disclosure agreements.

Now, a private lawyer is suing Jared and Ivanka at the U.S. District Court in Washington for omissions in their disclosure forms. Attorney Jeffrey Lovitky, who earlier this year filed a lawsuit also against Donald Trump, is claiming that Kushner and Ivanka Trump failed to identify assets they have interests in and did not disclose the the value of other investments.

The White House dismissed the claims, calling the lawsuit “frivolous.”

Lovitky’s lawsuit against President Trump, also demanding further disclosure, is still pending in court.

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Jared And Ivanka Sued For Faulty Financial Disclosure

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Jared And Ivanka Sued Over Faulty Financial Disclosure

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