Eric Greitens’ Maverick Style Has Left Him Few Allies In Sex Scandal

Missouri Governor Eric Greitens campaigned with a style similar to President Donald Trump: he promised not to play insider politics and focus on saving Missouri as much money as possible.

But as soon as he came into the office in January 2017, Greitens began penny-pinching and mounting political attacks on rivals in a way that distanced himself from other legislators. Now, Greitens is mired in a sex scandal — and his combative style has left him few allies, the New York Times reported.

Greitens became mired in scandal last week after he admitted to having an affair in 2015. Greitens made the announcement after a recording emerged of his former mistress saying that he took a picture of her blindfolded and half-naked as a form of blackmail. Greitens has denied threatening to release the photo if she ever disclosed their relationship.

“When you don’t foster relationships with the legislators that you’re serving with and when you don’t foster relationships with the press who cover the state capital on a daily basis, that all can be just fine,” said John Hancock, one-time chairman of the Missouri Republican Party. “But when you then face a crisis, there’s no cavalry running to your defense.”

Greitens has been making a flurry of calls to donors and political leaders in Missouri, hoping to find new allies. Many are still weary of Greitens after his smug campaign style and personal insults lobbed at political rivals.

Democrats in Missouri have called for the governor’s resignation. His lawyer said he has no such plans.

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Eric Greitens’ Maverick Style Has Left Him Few Allies In Sex Scandal

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