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‘Alt-Right’ Candidate Paul Nehlen Goes On Twitter Rant About ‘Jewish Media’

“Alt-right” congressional candidate Paul Nehlen went on an anti-Semitic Twitter rant on Monday in response to a negative news report, tweeting images of media figures with Jewish stars next to their heads.

Nehlen later deleted the tweets.

Based on the screenshots posted by other Twitter users, it appears that Nehlen issued a series of tweets with photos of executives at NBC, CNN, Fox, and other media companies, with Jewish stars on the photos meant to indicate that the executives are Jewish. “Does anything stick out at you?” Nehlen wrote.

Nehlen’s rant was inspired by a BuzzFeed News article showing that Nehlen had discussed coordinating to fight “Jewish media” with Twitter followers.

Nehlen is running in a Republican primary in Wisconsin to unseat House Speaker Paul Ryan.

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Alt-Right Paul Nehlen: Twitter Rant About Jewish Media

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‘Alt-Right’ Candidate Paul Nehlen Goes On Twitter Rant About ‘Jewish Media’

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