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Anti-Semitic Soros Conspiracy Theory Posted by Notable Christian Zionist

An official from Christians United for Israel posted an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory about George Soros, according to Jewish Currents.

Dumisani Washington, the diversity and outreach coordinator for Christians United for Israel, used his personal Facebook page to post a conspiracy theory about Soros that has been widely debunked but has become prominent recently as part of a wider demonization of Soros. The posts have been deleted at the request of Christians United for Israel.

The posts, apparently spurred by Soros’s criticism of President Donald Trump, accused Soros of getting rich off of having been a Nazi collaborator, and trying to destabilize civilization. Washington groups Soros with Isis, North Korea, Globalists (a common anti-semitic dog whistle), feminists, and Iran as being “bitterly opposed to President Trump.”

Soros survived the Holocaust by pretending to be the Christian godson of a local government official who had confiscated property from Jews. One time, when Soros was 14, the official took Soros with him to appraise a Jewish house. This story has been used to claim that Soros collaborated with Nazis and sold out Jews.

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Soros Conspiracy Theory Posted by Christian Zionist

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Anti-Semitic Soros Conspiracy Theory Posted by Notable Christian Zionist

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