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Ann Coulter Fires Off Tweetstorm At ‘Globalist’ Jews

Ann Coulter, the arch-conservative talking head who frequently complains about Jews and has white nationalist sympathies took to Twitter Thursday night to call Jews “globalists.” Her remarks came after Donald Trump referred to outgoing economic adviser Gary Cohn as a “globalist,” using a moniker that many see as an anti-Semitic slur.

Coulter tweeted the statements after posting a the headline of a Huffington Post article calling “globalist” an “anti-Semitic term.”

Coulter’s string of tweets quickly racked up thousands of likes. Coulter’s comments also found appreciation from neo-Nazis, people on far right forums like 4Chan and on Gab.ai, a micro-blogging service that does not censor hate speech.

Many Twitter users called on the platform to suspend Coulter’s account, saying that her tweets broke Twitter’s terms of service.

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Ann Coulter Tweets ‘Globalist’ Dog Whistle For Jews

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Ann Coulter Fires Off Tweetstorm At ‘Globalist’ Jews

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