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Nothing Says ‘Happy Passover’ Like A Photo Of Challah

A chapter of Canada’s third-largest political party sent out a Passover greeting using a photo of a family baking challah - a food that cannot be eaten during the holiday.

The Manitoba caucus of the left-wing New Democratic Party sent out Facebook and Twitter statuses wishing its followers a happy Passover in English and transliterated Hebrew. The image chosen would have been suitable for the holiday of Shabbat, when challah is eaten, but not on Passover, when leavened bread is forbidden.

Much mockery ensued on social media, with comments like “the Manitoba NDP tweet could not have looked more idiotic” and “When you can’t even pander well…”

The post was kept up for hours despite followers pointing out the inappropriateness of the greeting. Party spokesperson Rorie Mcleod Arnould told the Canadian Press that the social media staffer who had posted the photo could not be reached on Sunday to remove the posts, and no one else had access to the account. The statuses were eventually deleted on Sunday evening.

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This story "Canada Party Says Happy Passover With Challah Photo" was written by Aiden Pink.

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Nothing Says ‘Happy Passover’ Like A Photo Of Challah

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