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Aaron Schlossberg Is Not Just Racist — He’s Also A Bodyshamer

“Maybe you shouldn’t eat that sandwich,” the bigoted man harassing Latina women in a Midtown deli said. “Maybe you should take a break from the food.”

This was after threatening to get the women deported, complaining about paying for their welfare and generally throwing an intolerant hissy fit because the women and others in the deli dared to speak Spanish in his presence.

So not only is this Trump-supporting lawyer a virulent racist, he’s also a body-shaming misogynist.

The man, identified as lawyer Aaron Schlossberg, quickly ignited an ocean of liberal outrage. But amidst the tide of disgust over his politics, his manners (or lack thereof) and his entitlement, let’s not forget his misogyny and body-shaming.

Just like Schlossberg has no authority over what language people speak within their stores, Schlossberg possesses no authority over what women choose to put in their bodies.

Maybe you shouldn’t go to delis in Midtown, Mr. Schlossberg. Maybe you should take a break from being in the public eye.

Shira Feder is a writer for the Forward. You can reach her at feder@forward.com

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Aaron Schlossberg Is Not Just Racist — He’s Also A Bodyshamer

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