Aaron Schlossberg Calls Stranger An ‘Ugly F—king Foreigner’ In New Video

Aaron Schlossberg’s racist outburst against Spanish-speaking people in a deli wasn’t his first ugly moment caught on video. In a video from 2016, he was captured calling a man on the street “an ugly f—king foreigner” after barging into him.

In the video, Schlossberg approaches Willie Morris, who is from Massachusetts, and says, “What country are you from? I’m going to call the police. You don’t just run into people. I’m a citizen here, you’re not.”

Morris taped some of the encounter and put it on YouTube. After the news about Schlossberg broke on Wednesday, he realized it was the same angry person.

“If it’s once, maybe you can pawn it off as someone having a bad day, but this is not,” Morris told CNN. “This is like an ongoing thing for this person. To be caught on video twice? How many times has he not been caught on video.”

Journalist Shaun King wrote on Twitter that 13 people have reported being harassed by Schlossberg — some of which were videotaped. On Wednesday, he was captured on camera berating customers at a Manhattan deli for not speaking English and threatening to call immigration agents on the deli’s Spanish-speaking employees.

The New York Post reported that Schlossberg ducked questions as he came out of his home to find reporters waiting for him Thursday.

“Please send help,” Schlossberg said on his cellphone before jumping into a cab, the paper said. “They’re claiming things that aren’t true … grabbing me, not letting me walk.”

Activists from a pro-immigration group raised money on a crowd-funding site to send a mariachi band to serenade Schlossberg with ‘La Cucaracha,’ a Spanish children’s song that means “the cockroach.” A taco truck was also expected to show up, although details remains scant Thursday.

Twitter users called for Schlossberg to face disbarment for the deli rant and urged followers to file complaints with the state bar association. But legal experts said that the worst punishment he will likely face is a reprimand.

Schlossberg was booted from the Madison Avenue business center where his law office was based after a spokesman told the Post that his rant violated the terms of his agreement.

“His actions are just not consistent with our community and rules and regulations … It’s totally contrary to everything we believe in as a company and personally,” Hayim Grant, the spokesman, told the paper.

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