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More White Nationalists Are Running For Office Than Ever Before

At least eight white nationalists are running for state or federal office, according to The Southern Poverty Law Center. Anti-hate groups have reported that this is more than in any other election in modern history.

MSNBC’s Morgan Radford spoke with white nationalists who are running for federal office this year on the Republican ticket. Many of the candidates advocate for racial segregation and are Holocaust deniers.

Arthur Jones, running for the Third Congressional District of Illinois, confidently described himself as a “white racialist.” He was a member of the American Nazi Party, Radford reported, and denies the Holocaust ever happened. Jones said he’s campaigning to keep Chicago’s neighborhoods 90 percent white.

“Most white people want a white neighborhood,” he said.

He added that the average IQ of a black person is “about 20 points lower than the IQ of a white person.”

Twenty thousand people voted for him in the March primary. He ran uncontested and will be on the Republican ticket in November.

Patrick Little, the white supremacist candidate running as a Republican in the upcoming California Senate race, polled at 0 percent in a recent survey — a large difference from the 18 percent he received last month, from a survey deemed an anomaly. He has called for a government “free from Jews.”

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At Least 8 White Nationalist Are Running For Office

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More White Nationalists Are Running For Office Than Ever Before

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