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All-Women Hatzolah Organization Honored As EMS Agency Of The Year

Ezras Nashim, an all-women emergency medical care group, received the EMS Agency of the Year Award from the Regional EMS Council of New York City. It was honored for its participation in and commitment to the improvement of the emergency medical service system.

Ezras Nashim responds to emergency labor and other and OB/GYN situations, as well as pediatric, adolescent and geriatric emergencies. It provides follow-up phone calls and visits. In addition to New York State EMT training, volunteers are required to become certified in neonatal resuscitation.

Judge Ruchie Freier, Ezras Nashim’s director and the first Hasidic woman ever to hold public office in the United States, spoke at the ceremony on behalf of the organization.

“In Judaism, giving thanks is an essential theme,” she said. “When you thank someone, you are admitting that you couldn’t do it without them. Thank you everyone for helping us get to this point. It was almost like yesterday that I got a call to help the women of Ezras Nashim. I didn’t know anything about emergency medicine. I was so taken over by the passion of these women that I had to make it happen. Thank you for helping us prove that Hasidic women can achieve great things.”

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All-Women Group Honored As EMS Agency Of The Year

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All-Women Hatzolah Organization Honored As EMS Agency Of The Year

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