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Stephen Miller Dumps $80 Worth Of Sushi After Being Heckled

After getting heckled yet again at a restaurant, White House senior advisor Stephen Miller took action by throwing away the $80 worth of sushi he had purchased, New York Magazine reported.

Miller told colleagues that one night, after ordering $80 worth of takeout sushi from a nearby restaurant, a bartender followed him out and yelled “Stephen!” After getting Miller’s attention, the bartender raised both middle fingers at Miller and cursed. Miller, “outraged,” threw away the sushi he had just purchased.

Miller was previously heckled at a Washington, D.C. Mexican restaurant, where a protester called him a “fascist.”

In addition to wasting sushi, Miller is known for being instrumental to the implementation of the zero-tolerance border policy that has separated immigrant children from their families.

“It was a simple decision by the administration to have a zero tolerance policy for illegal entry, period,” Miller told the New York Times of the policy in June. “The message is that no one is exempt from immigration law.”

The ACLU anticipates that less than half of the children under age five separated from their parents will be reunited by Tuesday, the deadline set by a court order. The Department of Justice said it will need more time to track down the parents of the 102 children.

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Stephen Miller Dumps $80 Sushi After Being Heckling

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Stephen Miller Dumps $80 Worth Of Sushi After Being Heckled

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