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Ari Shavit Calls New Accusation Against Him ‘Blood Libel’

Author and journalist Ari Shavit called new sexual assault accusations against him “blood libel” on Israeli army radio station Galatz on Monday.

“This is a blood libel,” he told host Yael Dan in Hebrew. “Murder in cold blood, [the accuser] shed my blood and my daughter’s blood.”

Shavit was responding to an account by an anonymous woman who came forward after his recent Haaretz interview expressing his remorse over sexually assaulting an American journalist in 2014.

The anonymous woman claimed that, while she was dating Shavit’s daughter, Shavit put his hand on the back of her neck and attempted to move her head in for a kiss.

The phrase “blood libel” refers to the allegation that Jews murder Christian children in order to use their blood for ritual ceremonies. These accusations date back to the Middle Ages.

Shavit admitted to sexual misconduct against journalist Danielle Berrin in 2016. Following her allegations, three more women came forward to accuse him of inappropriate touching and other behaviors.

Shavit denied the new allegations made against him, a stark contrast to his previous admissions of guilt.

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Ari Shavit Calls Newest Accusation ‘Blood Libel’

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Ari Shavit Calls New Accusation Against Him ‘Blood Libel’

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