Novartis Denies Cover-Up Of $1.2M Deal With Michael Cohen

    Novartis on Friday disputed a report from Democratic senators that concluded the Swiss drugmaker misled the public about its $1.2 million contract with a former attorney for President Donald Trump.

    “We disagree with the report’s conclusion that we issued a misleading public statement regarding the extent of our engagement with (Michael) Cohen,” Novartis said of the report compiled by staff of Sen. Ron Wyden, from Oregon, and other minority party lawmakers.

    The report concluded the company’s relationship with Cohen was longer and more detailed than it had previously disclosed.

    Among other things, the document contends that former Novartis Chief Executive Joe Jimenez had “multiple additional communications” with Cohen including e-mails and phone calls.

    Novartis has previously said it hired Cohen as a consultant on health care policy and that it continued to pay him for a year despite concluding that his advice would be worthless because the agreement could only be terminated for cause.

    In its statement on Friday, Novartis reiterated that its deal with Cohen was a mistake, but denied that it sought to conceal a deeper relationship.

    This story "Novartis Denies Cover-Up Of $1.2M Deal With Michael Cohen" was written by Reuters.

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    Novartis Denies Cover-Up Of $1.2M Deal With Michael Cohen

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