Howard Stern Calls Les Moonves A ‘Shark’ With ‘No Humanity’

    Howard Stern boasted on his SiriusXM radio show Monday about having predicting CBS president Leslie Moonves’ downfall due to recent allegations of sexual misconduct, calling him “a friggin’ snake in the grass” who is going to “fall,” Page Six reported.

    Stern gloated over the current investigation against Moonves, saying he knows Moonves’ “true nature.”

    He’s a “shark” with “no humanity behind those shark eyes,” said Stern.

    Stern was a former employee of CBS Radio and went through a bitter $500 million legal battle with them in 2006. CBS claimed that Stern had breached his contract by failing to disclose his new deal with Sirius while still employed at CBS Radio.

    During the legal battle, Stern wore a T-shirt with a picture of Moonves’ face and the words “I Hate Les Moonves” on David Letterman‘s talk show.

    “I didn’t do jack … to Les Moonves except make this guy money,” Stern gleefully said Monday. “It was only because I fought back like a … dirty ass that things worked out in my favor.”

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    Howard Stern Calls Les Moonves A ‘Shark’ With ‘No Humanity’

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