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Nazi Action Figures Sold On Amazon, In Toy Stores

Action figures of Adolf Hitler and other Nazi leaders are being sold on Amazon and at vintage shops in Great Britain, The Jewish Chronicle reported.

A vintage toy shop in Wales was selling an action figure of Nazi Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels but removed it after a customer complained, the Chronicle said.

“After someone pointed it out to me I took it down. I thought it was best I should,” said a man who worked at the shop told the Chronicle. When he was asked if he knew of the significance of the doll and what it meant, the man said: “I’m ending this conversation now.”

Goebbels was an extreme advocate of the Holocaust and was in Hitler’s inner circle. He and his wife poisoned their children at the end of World War II and then killed themselves rather than seeing a world without the Nazis.

“Joseph Goebbels was responsible for the Nazi propaganda machine and a key figure in the Nazi party…how can this possibly be appropriate?” asked the chief executive of the Holocaust Educational Trust, Karen Pollock.

Pollock urged Amazon and other retailers selling these toys “to remove these from their site immediately and urge all decent businesses to do the same.”

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Nazi Action Figures Sold On Amazon

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Nazi Action Figures Sold On Amazon, In Toy Stores

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