Sen. Graham Dismisses Julie Swetnick As ‘Some Woman’

Sen. Lindsay Graham dismissed the accusation of Julie Swetnick against Brett Kavanaugh even as fellow victim Christine Blasey Ford kept the nation rapt with her story of being assualted.

Graham dismissed Swetnick as “some woman” during a brief interview in a hallway.

“I don’t believe it,” Graham told reporters during a break in Blasey Ford’s riveting testimony.

Moments earlier, Graham nodded when a Democratic senator approvingly quoted Graham’s memoir in which he praised the courage of sex assault victims for coming forward.

Despite his history as a prosecutor, Graham has taken a very harsh line against the women who have come forward to accuse Kavanaugh. He suggested they should get a hearing and then senators should vote to confirm Kavanaugh.

Republican senators declined to question Blasey Ford partially out of concern they would sound insensitive.

This story "Sen. Graham Dismisses Julie Swetnick As ‘Some Woman’" was written by Dave Goldiner.

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Sen. Graham Dismisses Julie Swetnick As ‘Some Woman’

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