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NRA Returns To Anti-Soros Dog Whistles Just Days After Pittsburgh

Days after 11 were killed in a mass shooting in a Pittsburgh synagogue, identified as a hate crime, the National Rifle Association returned to its dog-whistling tactics that many consider to be anti-Semitic.

The NRA’s official Twitter account wrote, posted an NBC article speculating that Jewish megadonor George Soros will spend more money on the midterm elections in the final hour.

Above the image, it reads: “Another billionaire is pumping unlimited money into electing anti-gun lawmakers.”

The caption continued: “Notorious anti-gunner George Soros joins anti-gun billionaires Steyer and Bloomberg. There is no end to how much they’ll pay to push their elitist agenda on Americans.”

Soros, as well at aforementioned Tom Steyer and Michael Bloomberg, who are also Jewish, have been accused this election cycle of trying to “buy” the midterms. House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy tweeted — and deleted — that exact sentiment, while the conservative Florida Strong PAC posted on Facebook pa drawing of Andrew Gillum, the Democratic candidate for governor, as a marionette being controlled by Soros and Steyer. Another Republican ad accused Minnesota Democratic candidate Dan Feehan of being “owned” by Soros, who was also accused of “funding left wing protests.”

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NRA Returns To Soros Dog Whistles

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NRA Returns To Anti-Soros Dog Whistles Just Days After Pittsburgh

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