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Suspected White Supremacist Ties Lead To Firing Of Two Virginia Police Officers

Two separate police departments in Virginia announced last week that they had each fired an officer accused of links to white supremacist groups, CNN reported.

In both cases, the officer had been investigated after an activist group called Antifa Seven Hills published blog posts outlining their alleged links to white supremacist organizations.

The Virginia Division of Capitol Police, which protects the Virginia state capitol, fired one of the officers, Robert Stamm, after placing him on leave in February, CNN reported. Antifa Seven Hills had published a blog post linking Stamm to Asatru Folk Assembly, which the ADL calls an “extremist group.”

“The allegations that have been raised regarding a Virginia Capitol Police sergeant’s ties to white supremacy are deeply troubling and raise serious concerns regarding this officer’s ability to serve and protect us all,” ADL Washington D.C. regional director Doron Ezickson said in a statement issued in February.

Chesterfield County Police, another Virginia police department, fired another officer, Daniel Morley, last Thursday. The chief of that department said that Morley was suspected of ties to the white nationalist group Identity Evropa, according to CNN.

Antifa Seven Hills had also written a blog post about Morley.

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Two Police Fired For Suspected White Supremacist Ties

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Suspected White Supremacist Ties Lead To Firing Of Two Virginia Police Officers

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