Israel's current borders, compared to how they would look if Trump's peace plan were enacted. by the Forward

Here’s how Israel’s borders would change if Trump’s peace plan is enacted

President Trump on Tuesday unveiled what he has called the “Deal of the Century” — a peace proposal for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The 180-page plan goes into great detail about how the land swaps would go — and you can read our summary by clicking here.

One of the toughest issues in past negotiations has been who controls which lands. In Trump’s plan, Israel would keep control over its West Bank settlements and its borders with Jordan and most of Egypt. In return, it gives the future state of Palestine some of the West Bank, Arab communities in the north of what’s now Israel, and vast stretches of the Negev Desert. All of the Palestinian land would technically be connected, though some of it only by narrow roads (or a record-setting West Bank-to-Gaza tunnel). This diagram shows how the land would change:

And here you can see more details about the future state of Palestine:

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu endorsed the plan in a White House event alongside Trump. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, who has boycotted Trump’s outreach for more than a year, said that Palestinians had said “1,000 nos” to the deal.

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Here’s how Israel’s borders change under Trump’s plan

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Here’s how Israel’s borders would change if Trump’s peace plan is enacted

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