Miracle Cure Could Lead to Sainthood

Pope John Paul II’s private secretary said his late boss “miraculously” cured an American Jewish millionaire’s brain tumor — a claim that could help the pontiff achieve sainthood.

The millionaire, who remains unnamed, told a friend that he had been diagnosed with an incurable tumor and had but three wishes left: to see the pope, to go to Jerusalem and to return home to die, according to the Telegraph, a British newspaper.

The sick man’s friend knew the pope’s secretary, Archbishop Stanislaw Dziwisz, who arranged the papal meeting; later, after meeting the pope, the man claimed to have been diagnosed as tumor free

In order to be canonized as a saint, a person must be credited with miracles, like this one, though the miracles must be verifiable. There is a popular movement to hurry John Paul through the canonization process.

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Miracle Cure Could Lead to Sainthood

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