is featuring this wine tumbler. "I said glass of JUICE; not gas the JEWS," it reads. by the Forward

Another retailer removes ‘gas the Jews’ mug, other products

This article first appeared in Cleveland Jewish News. Reprinted with permission.

A content creation platform that listed items with the words “Damnit! I said glass of juice not gas the Jews!” has removed the posting and notified the third-party vendor that the vendor’s access has been blocked.

“Please note that our platform only produces physical products when an actual order is placed, all content displayed on is solely a digital rendering ‘mockup’ of what the product might look like if it were actually purchased,” Steffen Scheitinger, a founder of wrote the Cleveland Jewish News Nov. 18, after the CJN reached out by email Nov. 17, regarding coffee mugs, T-shirts, posters, canvas bags and hooded sweatshirts featuring that phrase.

“Boldomatic SA is a Swiss company operating under Swiss law,” Scheitnger wrote. “We observe and respect both DMCA (USA) and ECD (EU) acts, and thus the content has been removed from our platform in a speedily (manner). The before mentioned content, was never sold (purchased) on our platform, and thus there has been no transaction of any sort in relation the content.”

A Google search for the item at Nov. 18 yielded a page showing “Oooooops! Ooops, this post has been deleted by the writer.”

Sheitinger sent a lengthy message to Luzifer, the vendor, explaining that Luzifer’s account has been closed and access has been blocked “due to violations of our terms of service.” removed a similar item, a wine tumbler that said, “I said glass of JUICE, not gas the JEWS,” sometime between the evening of Nov. 16 and Nov. 17, according to a spokesperson.

James Pasch, regional director of the Anti-Defamation League, said Nov. 17 that he contacted Amazon and the third-party seller on Amazon, regarding the merchandise after receiving multiple complaints.

“We’re glad that Amazon removed the product quickly,” he told the Cleveland Jewish News Nov. 17. “Holocaust jokes are never OK and it normalizes something that should never ever be normalized.”

Holocaust jokes are offensive, he said.

“One of the reasons why we reached out to the third-party vendor is that … this product shouldn’t be sold anywhere. … Companies should not be profiting from Holocaust jokes and they should not be normalizing (them). And I hope that anyone that’s selling the product removes it immediately from their product line.”

The same tumbler that was offered by Amazon is being offered at for a reduced price of $10.98 from $21.95. It has not responded to an email from the Cleveland Jewish News.


Another retailer removes ‘gas the Jews’ mug, other products

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Another retailer removes ‘gas the Jews’ mug, other products

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