In This Week’s Yiddish Forward

• Mikhail Krutikov writes on the reaction to Mel Gibson’s “Passion” film in Germany.

• We celebrate 100 years since the birth of Isaac Bashevis Singer by reprinting an article by him on the Yiddish stories of Nachman of Bratslav.

• In the “World of Yiddish”: a Yiddish concert in Australia, a new Jewish museum in Copenhagen and a memorial in Poland for the director Jacob Rotbaum.

• Memoirs of the Kovne Ghetto by Alex Faitelson.

• Lilke Meisner writes on the Yiddish poet Menakhem Boraisha.

In This Week’s Russian Forward

• The column “Aunt Berta’s Advice” is dedicated to Passover.

• Arkady Kagan tells about political battles in Brooklyn in his article “Recchia & Davidovich: Unbreakable Alliance?”

• Leah Moses interviews Gideon Aronoff, the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society’s representative in Washington.

• In Leah Moses’s opinion column “Tough Question,” Jewish leaders, rabbis, teachers and parents answer this week’s tough question: “Russian Jewish Youth — Lost Generation?”

• Our European correspondent Eitan Finkelshtein muses on European countries’ flirtation with Islamic organizations.

• Materials about Jewish life in Lithuania.

This Saturday on ‘The Forverts Hour’ Saturday, April 3, at 9:00 p.m. on WMCA New York AM 570

• “This week in the Yiddish Forward” — Michl Baran

• “Songs of Passover” — Itzik Gottesman

• “The Four Questions” — Kobi Weitzner

• “Culture Mosaic in Israel” — Leah Shlanger

• “Isaac Bashevis Singer: ‘I Become a German’” — David Rogow

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In This Week’s Yiddish Forward

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