Zell Denies Salon Quotes on Chalabi

Jerusalem-based lawyer Marc Zell denied a report in the online magazine Salon.com that he had criticized Iraqi leader Ahmed Chalabi.

In a letter to Salon dated May 6, Zell disavowed all the quotes contained in an article written by John Dizard, a Financial Times columnist. The quotes were mentioned in a story that appeared in the May 7 edition of the Forward.

Salon quoted Zell as saying that Chalabi was “treacherous” and had betrayed promises of political and economical rapprochement with Israel. Zell, a former law partner of Undersecretary of Defense Douglas Feith, claims he never met nor talked to Chalabi.

Dizard issued a response posted at Salon.com stating that he stood by his story and that it accurately reflected the words and views of Zell.

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Zell Denies Salon Quotes on Chalabi

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