How One Funeral and 2 Dead Men Walking Herald Epic Shift on the Jewish Lower East Side

There was more than one corpse in the sanctuary of the Bialystoker Synagogue on the day that Heshy Jacob died.


Brooklyn Eruv Feud Gets Its Dr. Seuss Moment

A tense religious dispute between Modern Orthodox and Hasidic Jews in Brooklyn is now getting it’s first literary treatment — as a Dr. Seuss-style limerick.


Canadian Jews Help ‘Operation Ezra’ — Bring 7 Yazidi Families to Winnepeg

A small Yazidi community in Canada is teaming up with local Jewish organizations to help refugees running from ISIS find new homes.

Historians Condemn Poland’s Backtracking on Poles’ WW2-Era Murder of Jews

A group of Poland’s most prestigious Holocaust historians has condemned recent official efforts to deny or downplay the role of non-Jewish Poles in murdering Polish Jews during and immediately after World War II.


Israel’s Stav Shaffir Fights To Keep Hope Alive

Stav Shaffir is still idealistic. A year-and-a-half after entering the Knesset, following her co-leadership of Israel’s largest ever mass protests against economic inequality, the 31-year-old redhead’s passion still shines brightly through wide grey-blue eyes.

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