Who Are The Hebrew Israelites?

Who are the Hebrew Israelites? An explainer.

Meet the Jewish ‘Paleoconservative’ Who Coined The Term ‘Alternative Right’

The term “alt-right” is a hipper-sounding version of the original notion of the “alternative right,” which Paul Gottfried, a Jewish academic, coined in 2008.


New Hebrew Israelite Chief Rabbi Capers Funnye Makes a Play for History

A new chief rabbi of the Hebrew Israelites was inaugurated over the weekend. In one of the most important speeches of his career, Funnye asked the Israelites to reach out to other Jews; embrace the inclusion of female rabbis; develop their own Halacha, or set of religious laws, and support the State of Israel.


Benjamin Ben-Eliezer, Onetime Israeli Defense Minister, Dies at 80

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Benjamin Ben-Eliezer, a former Labor Party leader and defense minister who served in the Knesset for 30 years, has died. Ben Eliezer, who withdrew from the country’s presidential election in 2014 over corruption charges, died Sunday in a Tel Aviv hospital. He was 80. Known by the nickname “Fouad,” Ben-Eliezer served in the…

Is the ‘Alt-Right’ Reaching Out to Jews — and Why?

“White Jews are white,” said Jared Taylor, editor of American Renaissance.

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