Why Swing State Rabbis Are Avoiding Politics Over High Holy Days

When Rosh Hashanah came around last year, Rabbi Aaron Gaber wanted to grapple with an issue roiling the country. So he decided to focus his sermon on racism.

Berkeley Reinstates ‘Zionism-is-Colonialism’ Course After Free Speech Outcry

University of California Berkeley reinstated a student-led course called “Palestine: A Settler Colonial Analysis,” after public outcry over its suspension last week.


Jews Must Take Mental Illness Out of the Shadows

Best-selling author Stephen Fried challenges the Jewish community to break the cloud of silence surrounding mental illness and treat diseases of the brain like other diseases — with openness, understanding and compassion.


Breaking the Synagogue’s Silence on Mental Illness: What You Can Do

There are several excellent resources available for your community to start deciding how it wants to address brain health issues.

Embattled Jeremy Corbyn Faces British Jews on Anti-Semitism

Jeremy Corbyn, the British Labour Party’s embattled leader, got credit for not being an anti-Semite Sunday night, but little else in his appearance before a London audience of Jewish Labour voters.

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