Orthodoxy and Right-Wing Extremism Go Hand-in-Hand in Israel — Pew Study Explains Why

Why are Israeli Orthodox Jews more attracted to politically extremist views than their non-Orthodox fellow citizens? The question is not a provocation. It’s one that grows out of a new analysis of data from the Pew Research Center’s recent study showing that nearly half of all Israel Jews want Arabs expelled from their midst.


Can American Jews Rescue Western Wall Prayer Deal?

The deadline for resolving the crisis over the new egalitarian prayer space at the Western Wall in Jerusalem has been extended indefinitely, after an aide to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu failed to draft a solution acceptable to the opposing sides within the 60 days he was allotted.


Turkish Jews Proudly Defend Last Sephardic Homeland — Even as Some Flee

The last viable Sephardi community on the planet is in Turkey, but even its devoted members acknowledge the challenges of living amid constant high security and anti-Semitism — and some are leaving.


As Western Wall Deadline Approaches, Prayer Activists Fight for Face Time with Government

Non-Orthodox activists for prayer rights at the Western Wall are fighting for face time with the government as the deadline for a compromise on the egalitarian plaza plan approaches.


Police Arrest Alleged Hitman for Cold-Blooded Murder of Law Professor

Florida police have arrested a man suspected of the murder of Dan Markel, a Jewish law professor who was shot in his Tallahassee driveway in 2014.

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