How Eruv Fight Is Setting Secular Jews Against Orthodox in the Summer Paradise of the Hamptons

For six years, the Jews of the Hamptons have gone head-to-head over an eruv, an enclosure made of wire that lets Orthodox Jews travel on Sabbath since it serves as an extension of the home.


Anti-BDS Conference Takes Over a Most Unusual Venue — the United Nations

In March, the United Nations compiled a “black list” of Israeli companies doing business in the West Bank. In some pro-Israel circles, it appeared part of a larger trend: the U.N. singling out Israel for condemnation.


New York Child Sex Abuse Reform Hangs by Thread — Will Gov. Andrew Cuomo Act?

Dimming hopes for a bill that would give victims of child sex abuse a greater chance to take their case to court now seem to rest with New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

After Dan Markel Murder Arrest, Friends Hope To Win Justice for Slain Law Professor

In July of 2014, a young Jewish law professor named Dan Markel was shot in his driveway. Police have now made an arrest, and friends are experiencing the loss afresh.

Donald Trump Faces Summer of Yucks and Jeers From Liberal Jews

Boycott Trump? Mock Trump? Trump, the musical?

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