Donald Trump Can’t Spell Sidney Blumenthal’s Name — But Uses Him as Bogeyman

Donald Trump needs your money, and to get it he’s demonizing Hillary Clinton’s confidant Sidney Blumenthal.


One Person Isn’t Buying Yehuda Glick’s Temple Mount Crusade — His Mom

As tensions rise on the Temple Mount, the mother of Temple Mount activist Yehuda Glick explains why she doesn’t share her son’s beliefs in ascending the holy site, and why she’s afraid for his life.


Donald Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen Accuses Hillary Clinton of Murder on Twitter

Donald Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen accused presidential candidate Hillary Clinton of murder and other crimes in a tweet Tuesday morning.


Ex-Hasidic Woman’s ‘Suicide Book’ Rattles Ultra-Orthodox World

Although she’d left it years ago, Israel’s ultra-Orthodox community is shaken by suicide note and painful manuscript left behind by 50-year-old mother of seven.


Jerrold Nadler Congressional Fight Heats Up as Election Day Arrives

It would take a political earthquake for Congressman Jerry Nadler to lose to his first primary challenger since 1996, but in a year of political earthquakes, the Democratic veteran is taking no chances.

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