The Kabbalist’s red string bracelet may help keep evil spirits at bay, but, it seems, the bracelet’s power does not extend to bad reviews.

According to the U.K. Web site, Madonna’s husband, the director Guy Ritchie, is fed up with Kabbalah and is leaving the movement.

Among the factors leading to Ritchie’s decision, the Web site said, was the poor critical reception of his new gangster flick, “Revolver.”

“The star allegedly believes he should have spend more time on set and less time taking part in the cult’s rituals,” the site said.

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You may now not kiss the bride. A court in the Indian town of Pushkar fined an Israeli couple $23 this week for the crime of kissing at an Hindu holy site. The pair, after being wed in a traditional Indian ceremony, outraged the administering holy man by smooching at its conclusion. “We will not tolerate any cultural pollution of this sort,” a Hindu high priest in the region was quoted as saying.

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This week the Forward received the following alert from the Philadelphia-based Shalom Center, one of the organizers of an antiwar gathering to be held in Washington over the weekend:

“There is one important change in the previously announced plans for Jewish events in Washington this weekend. Please pass this announcement on to everyone. No matter what you may have heard or may yet hear from ANY source,” the organization warned, “there will be no breakfast at the 6th & I Street Historic Synagogue in Washington this Shabbat.”

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